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Sharing & Gig Economy

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Ever wonder what the economic footprint of a typical high rise apartment building is? ⁠Hint: It’s massive but completely untapped. ⁠

A typical 250-unit high-rise building in a major Canadian city has over $4.5M in household items like furniture, appliances and decorations. On the other hand, it represents well above $8M in consumer spending (disposable household income). We also spend more than 30% of our money on personal services and experiences?⁠

Many of these not only can be found locally but could definitely be skills or talents your neighbours might have. ⁠From home repair to language lessons to doing taxes; you will be surprised to find out how rich and diverse your apartment building or neighbourhood can be.

At Hangeh, our work has proven how a sharing economy can truly thrive in apartment buildings with viral and monetized features like garage sales, renting items or group buying from local businesses.  ⁠We also make the process of having such interactions super simple, easy and more importantly, fun. ⁠The most wholesome thing is to see neighbours using their skills & talents to support each other.