Building the future of urban living

Hangeh Founders - Zeeshan, Saif, Hassaan

As childhood friends and co-founders, we intimately understand the challenges of urban living and the importance of fostering strong connections. Our goal is to provide a platform that promotes social interaction and economic growth, creating meaningful opportunities for individuals, management and communities alike.

Our Team

Zeeshan Hangeh

Zeeshan Rasool

Product & Technology

Saif Hangeh

Saif Khan

Business & Finance

Hassaan Hangeh

Hassaan Rahim

Community & Growth

Ramineh Visseh


Oleksandr Nashyvan


Shreya Tuli


Sergey Vaschenko


Oleh Sannikov


Yulia Tkacuk


Igor Stuenko


Ovyce Malik


Nikolai Korolenko


Ruslan Kolomiyet



Our mission

To create a world where everyone of us has the agency to live their best life, build meaningful relationships, and share the love, wherever we are.

Living with purpose

  • Happiness beyond ourselves
    There's magic in creating an impact beyond our own lives. We are driven by a belief in the collective creativity and compassion of our communities.
  • Living our best life
    Finding your purpose in what we do, being inspired by our surroundings, sharing our happiness with others. It all starts with us.
  • Growing together
    We all need a community to feel at home. We build with love, we do it together, and we respect the beauty of everyone's experiences.
  • Simple x3
    Simple. Simple. Simple. Relentlessly pursue simplicity in ideas, experiences and existence.

Our Values

Live your best life

Every Interaction Matters

We are obsessed with creating the best team, product and customer experience

Great isn't Enough

We never compromise on best in-class standards for everything we deliver

Be a Good Sport

We handle failures and success with grace and optimism