Our mission is to empower residents to live their best life through meaningful social and economic interactions.

Hangeh Founders - Zeeshan, Saif, Hassaan

We are guided by our belief in the deep sense of belonging and inspiration we all draw from our living spaces. As childhood friends and co-founders, our shared experiences have allowed us to understand the problems of urban living and community building at a deep level.

Our team

Zeeshan Hangeh

Zeeshan Rasool

Product & Technology
Co-founder & CEO

Saif Hangeh

Saif Khan

Business & Partnerships

Hassaan Hangeh

Hassaan Rahim

Community & Growth

Ramineh Visseh


Oleksandr Nashyvan


Shreya Tuli


Sergey Vaschenko


Yulia Tkacuk


Ovyce Malik


Nikolai Korolenko


Igor Stuenko


Ruslan Kolomiyet



Our mission

To create a world where everyone of us has the agency to live their best life, build meaningful relationships, and share the love, wherever we are.

Living with purpose

  • Happiness beyond ourselves
    There's magic in creating an impact beyond our own lives. We are driven by a belief in the collective creativity and compassion of our communities.
  • Living our best life
    Finding your purpose in what we do, being inspired by our surroundings, sharing our happiness with others. It all starts with us.
  • Growing together
    We all need a community to feel at home. We build with love, we do it together, and we respect the beauty of everyone's experiences.
  • Simple x3
    Simple. Simple. Simple. Relentlessly pursue simplicity in ideas, experiences and existence.

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