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Run errands for the elders and neighbours in need
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Browse discounts and deals from local businesses
Support local by bulk buying with aggregated demand
Find a pet sitter or friend to water your plants while away
Get help from neighbours with move ins or outs
Find a gym or games buddy right next door
Rent or borrow items without worrying about trust or safety
Pets directory to remember all the furry neighbours
Get quick access to important docs or community notices
Do resident surveys and get neighbour recommendations
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As someone new to the city, Hangeh was a true blessing for me. With Hangeh, I've been able to connect with my neighbours on a deeper level by sharing our common interests. I've been giving Spanish lessons to my neighbours who are just starting out, and it's been such a rewarding experience to build friendships and community within my own building, this has brought joy and positivity into my life.

Design Professional, 31, Montreal

Launching Hangeh in our condo building has been a game changer for us! The platform's features such as skill sharing, community marketplace and building-wide polls and  have been a hit with our younger, tech-savvy residents and have helped us cater to their needs. I highly recommend this platform to any property manager looking to improve their building's resident experience.

Building Manager, YUL Condos, Montreal

I absolutely love this app! I wanted to pick up a new sport and wanted someone to give me some initial coaching. Amazingly, I was able to find a tennis player who lived in my own building who offered me initial coaching. I believe that starting a new sport is a wonderful way to bring positivity and a sense of community into our lives - I’m happy Hangeh is trying to bring the ideas like skill exchange and sharing economy to high rise living.

Bartender, 26, Vancouver

We were seeking to enhance our understanding of resident preferences and demographics. Hangeh exceeded our expectations, by offering powerful features to foster an inclusive and supportive community of neighbours. This has resulted in a notable increase in satisfaction and retention rates. It's proven to be a great way to empower and engage Stratas.

Strata Council President, Vancouver.

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What’s the main use cases of Hangeh inside a condo building?

Hangeh is the community app built for urban housing communities like Condos, STRATAs or HOA’s. Hangeh is being used in a growing number of communities to build an ideal resident experience. With a seamless mobile experience, neighbours can know each other, STRATA’s can stay engaged and everyone can experience real sense of community.

Thousands of neighbours across Canada are using Hangeh to create resident connectedness, meaningful interactions and an ideal community in urban housing.

How is Hangeh different from Facebook and WhatApp groups?

While social media platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp community groups have served as popular platforms for this purpose, there are inherent limitations that prevent them from fully meeting the needs of neighbours and creating thriving resilient communities.

  • Unlike Facebook and WhatsApp, which encompass broad communities, making it difficult to filter out irrelevant information and noise. Hangeh is as local as it gets ie. your building. Only relevant stuff that is directly impactful to you is posted and moderated.
  • Facebook and WhatsApp's data practices have raised red flags, leaving users uncertain about the safety of their personal information and in some cases even selling your data to third parties. Hangeh protects user information and never shares any data with any third parties or use for anything else other than building community.
  • Neighbourhood connections extend beyond social interactions. While Facebook or Craigslist provide a broader marketplace, it lacks trust and authenticity leaving you prone to fraud, dealing with cash or waste of your time. With Hangeh’s in-app payments you can buy, sell, rent or offer services to your trustworthy community of neighbours hassles and cash free.
  • While Facebook and WhatsApp community groups may have anonymous profiles and fake accounts, Hangeh verifies each user to ensure they live in the building to create a trustworthy community of only neighbours.
  • Community groups on Facebook and WhatsApp may also exclude neighbours who don’t use these platforms for many obvious reasons. Hangeh is built ground up to be inclusive and to all demographics and neighbourly needs.
  • While Facebook and WhatsApp groups facilitate virtual interactions, they lack any aspect of customized and relevant social programming and events for the needs of the community. With Hangeh, you can even request customized social programming to kickstart community building activities for your neighbours.
  • Last but certainly not the least, Hangeh creates “measurable and quantifiable” social and economic impact in the communities we operate in. You can also control the future of how you want to build and run your community and even have a say in product roadmap for features as we scale.

You can read more about why nieghbours deserver more than just Facebook or Whatsapp groups here.

How is Hangeh different from any Strata or property management portal?

Typically Property Management portals support back-office operations, maintenance and financial management in buildings. They are typically not designed with user experience in mind and most features are concerned with property management vs. resident experience.

What makes Hangeh unique is our focus on resident experience and fostering a real sense of community. Hangeh’s app and user experience are designed to make resident interactions within their living spaces seamless and fun. Hangeh is built to empower and engage residents as well as building management / councils by creating intuitive features that supports social and economic coordination within multifamily housing. While we do offer enterprise features like amenity bookings or document management, our focus is to create the most effective and inclusive resident experience.

Is Hangeh free to use?

Yes, Hangeh is free to use. Beyond the community app, we do offer features to support condo living where our pricing is very simple and is based on the use of features.

For more information, please visit our pricing page.

Is there an app for Hangeh?

Yes, Hangeh is available across Apple and Android platforms. It is also accessible through web browser. For the ideal experience, we recommend downloading the mobile app.

How does Hangeh protect resident data and privacy?

A central tenet to community building is trust and safety, therefore privacy and security of resident data is our utmost priority. We ensure privacy of data in 4 main ways:

  • Unlike platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp etc. Hangeh never shares any information with 3rd parties and there are no ads on the app.
  • Residents are verified before they join their communities by a private mail-in code or through a building’s rent roll data which is the single source of truth made available by the property manager.
  • Our information security protocols exceed the highest standards of data privacy in Canada like the guidelines of PIPEDA. All of our data centres are also located within Canada with highest cybersecurity processes.
  • Residents also have the option to not provide information that they don’t feel comfortable sharing (e.g. we don’t require people to disclose their age, marital status etc. and instead resident are encouraged to share their hobbies and interests they may have in common with their neighbours).
How do you ensure only verified residents can join the building’s community?

The Hangeh experience is all about fostering sense of community between real neighbours. Hangeh communities are closed to any public signups or viewing activity and each resident is verified with the property’s rent roll or mailing address.

While residents can be invited via email or mobile notifications, they are all verified either against an existing resident directory or a private code that’s sent by postage mail or verified emails

What’s are ideal number of units for Hangeh to be useful?

Hangeh has been implemented successfully in communities of all sizes. From as few as 30 units to 700+ unit high-rise buildings. Regardless of building density and type, residents can benefit from Hangeh's unique experience.

Let us know, and we’ll tailor the ideal experience for you.

In which regions Hangeh is available?

Hangeh is available in all regions across Canada. The app is also available in both major languages (English and French). If you’re in US, please reach out and we’ll try our best to help.

How long does it take to implement Hangeh?

It takes less than a week to launch Hangeh in your community. The process is super simple and takes very little effort from management or residents. We also use our engagement playbook to seamlessly onboard residents, create a buzz and address any questions.

Our platform is flexible to integrate with an existing resident directory, any software or simply inviting building residents via email.

How does Hangeh avoid harassment, abuse or trolling on the platform?

An inclusive, positive and fun neighbour experience is our highest priority. We ensure safety and inclusivity in 3 main ways.

  • We share with every resident, comprehensive community guidelines which explains and reiterates ways in which all neighbours can engage in friendly and positive interactions.
  • Residents within the building or STRATA council can choose to be involved in facilitating a respectful and kind community experience.
  • We created a natural language based machine-learning algorithm that can identify and flag abuse and harassment in community forums with high levels of accuracy.
Can we get any custom features requested for our community?

Hangeh has been implemented successfully in communities of all sizes; from as few as 30 units to 700+ unit high-rise buildings. Our features are based upon very frequent resident feedback and product analytics. Let us know if there’s something which may require a unique solution and we’ll try our best to accommodate.

Who manages the Hangeh community for our building?

You can choose to have any on-site staff to manage the Hangeh community or it can be self-managed. We built Hangeh with efficiency in mind and it hardly creates any additional management work for it to be made available to residents. Let us know what you prefer and we’ll ensure to create the ideal experience for you.

We provide any technical, product or user experience support 24 x 7.

I have more questions, who should I reach out to?

You can reach out to us with any questions or comments at

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"A building’s sense of community can be considered the amenity with highest long-term ROI”. 2021 CBRE Multifamily Innovation

Community is the new amenity! Hangeh is a proven way to increase resident happiness and build community in multifamily buildings.

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