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The (all-in-one) community platform built for HOA & Condo living

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Hanged community with multiple buildings and people

How it works


Connect with neighbours over shared interests and experiences.


Make new income by offering your skills, renting items and selling locally.


Join interest groups, enjoy local events and discover local businesses.

Experience the best of your local community, make friends & earn new income

Providing Assistance

Teaching Lessons

Helping Others

in your neighbourhood

Person Skating
Run an errand for others
per hour
Girl painting
Record music or a custom song
Guy playing a guitar
Daily meal preparation
per day
Custom painting or a sketch
Traditional cuisine lesson
per hour
Strength coaching
per hour
Plant or pet sitting
per day
Professional photos
per hour
Move in or move out help
per hour

Choose your community

Unlock the power of proximity!


Connect with neighbours in your building and have shared experiences.


Attend exclusive local events, interest groups and make new friends.


Help grow your friends and private circles through the social marketplace.

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Happy residents

I was quite nervous about moving to Vancouver and finding like minded people but thanks to Hangeh I was welcomed by the community and was able to make friends right next door.

Amanda N

I never thought I would care much about making an extra $100-$200 a month but it sure does help and my wife and I get to spend it on date nights. All I do is rent things I don’t often use to my neighbours.

Vini H
Software Engineer

Thanks to Hangeh, I no longer need to ask my friends to drive to my place just to water my plants while I am away. I met another plant lover in the building and we take care of each others plants.

Emad P

I love that I get to tutor students right in my building. I was looking for a positive hobby and connecting with the youth and Hangeh made it so easy.

Jane C
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Let's hangeh?

Currently available in select neighbourhoods in Vancouver, BC. Download the app to get started!