Reasons why residents love Hangeh

The sense of community it has created in their building

Ability to offer services or rent items to verified neighbours

Knowing and interacting with neighbours in the building

Empowered residents,
happy neighbours

Hangeh makes it easy for you to leverage the social and economic potential of your community.

Skill exchange

From language lessons to babysitting; monetize your skills and support your neighbours.

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Short-term rentals

Whether you want to rent camping gear or a parking spot; experience circular economy in your building.

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Social events

From board game nights to group yoga practice; hang out with neighbours based on your interests.

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Exclusive deals

Get discounts & deals through Hangeh’s partnerships with businesses in your neighbourhood.

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Community feed

Stay in the loop with all the action with a curated social feed and weekly newsletter.

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What residents are saying

I was quite nervous about moving to Vancouver and finding like minded people but thanks to Hangeh I was welcomed by the community and was able to make friends right next door.

Amanda N

I never thought I would care much about making an extra $100-$200 a month but it sure does help and my wife and I get to spend it on date nights. All I do is rent things I don’t often use to my neighbours.

Vini H
Software Engineer

Thanks to Hangeh, I no longer need to ask my friends to drive to my place just to water my plants while I am away. I met another plant lover in the building and we take care of each others plants.

Emad P

I love that I get to tutor students right in my building. I was looking for a positive hobby and connecting with the youth and Hangeh made it so easy.

Jane C