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Are you ready to make the best community experience?

It starts with you!

One of the most noble and impactful things we can do is to being people together. If you are a passionate about community building, love to connecting with new people and making new friends - Hangeh’s Super Resident program might just be the one for you. Kickstart neighbourly connections, get exclusive rewards and create memorable experiences, in your own community.

Super residents help invite neighbours to join Hangeh community, organize community events, build interest groups, and conversations that lead to meaningful interactions between neighbours.

Hangeh has the tools that empower you and your neighbours to build a connected and engaged community. We will even help you with the planning, promotion and and logistics at each step along the way.

In addition, you’ll get exclusive merch, gift cards, deals from local businesses, sponsorship for events and even professional development opportunities through Hangeh’s community of mentors and advisors.

You will

  • Invite your neighbours to join the community on hangeh and get the word out
  • Engage the hangeh community through conversations, discussions, and introduce new neighbours to make them feel welcomed
  • Collect feedback and suggest ideas to continuously make the experience of your hangeh community better and more fun
  • Organize and support creation of localized interest groups and community events

You are

  • empathetic, kind, and genuinely care about people’s happiness and wellbeing
  • a planner and have this constant urge to organize events, parties and activities
  • a problem solver and try to make the best of every situation and opportunity
  • curious and have this insatiable desire to keep learning and growing

Are you ready to make the best community experience?

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