We all need a community to feel at home

In Canada, over 70% of apartment residents say they know less than 3 neighbours by name. We're here to change that! 

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Have meaningful interactions and shared experiences with your neighbours.

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Resident-driven marketplace to monetize items and personal services.

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Happy residents

I was quite nervous about moving to Vancouver and finding like minded people but thanks to Hangeh I was welcomed by the community and was able to make friends right next door.

Amanda N

I never thought I would care much about making an extra $100-$200 a month but it sure does help and my wife and I get to spend it on date nights. All I do is rent things I don’t often use to my neighbours.

Esther H
Software Engineer

Thanks to Hangeh, I no longer need to ask my friends to drive to my place just to water my plants while I am away. I met another plant lover in the building and we take care of each others plants.

Eleanor P

I love that I get to tutor students right in my building. I was looking for a positive hobby and connecting with the youth and Hangeh made it so easy.

Jane C